Gijsbert van der Wilt

10 hours of searching
November 2016
Video installation (10 hour duration)
(audio, video, table, chair, cloth enclosure)

10 hours of searching came into being by experimenting with seclusion. For ten successive days I secluded myself from all external factors, for one full hour a day. For this purpose I built a square space out of four pieces of linen, wire and iron rods. No internet, no phone, only myself, empty space, a table, a pen and paper.

The work is a reaction on a very busy life with many obligations and the feeling of never having enough time. It is also a direct result of my stay at the St. Benedictus abbey, where I experienced the daily routines of monks. When I got back I created my own daily routines, starting with one hour a day siting in a self-built space.

During these hours I let my mind wonder and I wrote down everything that crossed my mind,
Searching without a goal. Inspired by the work of Bas Jan Ader.

The work is filmed and exhibited together with a spoken audio of a selected part of text produced during these hours.

Exhibited: December 2016 / Aleidisstraat, Rotterdam

Video still: hour 1